Jaguar 420 4.2 Auto 1967


Jaguar 420 4.2 Litre Auto from 1967.  Stunning car in pale metallic blue with dark blue leather trim.  All original, the car was probably originally a US spec car as it has air conditioning (working!) and is LHD.  It is now on Spanish historic plates and is simply delightful.  In my opinion, it should be badged as an ‘S-Type’ as it is based on the Mk.2 Jaguar and has the S-Type boot, independent rear suspension, as the S and E-Type, but they called it a 420!  Not to be confused with the 420G or Mk,10. Quite different and much smaller.  The good thing compared to the Mk.2 though is that it has the better 4.2 Twin cam engine, the much better rear suspension and the bigger boot.  It also has modern niceties like an alternator etc so more reliable and more usable.  This one has chrome wire wheels and is just super.  Offered at €25k the car will only increase in value in the coming years.  Contact Ian Giles Tel: (0034) 620 18 06 82


Price 25,000
Kilometers n/a
Color Blue metallic