DGT & FEVA Working towards New Legislation for Historic Matriculation

A new FEVA meeting with the Directorate-General for Traffic took place on 25 February 2021, with a view to improving legislation on collectors vehicles. The President, Raúl Aranda, the Technical Director, Francisco Marcos, and Gabriel Lirola as Chairman of the Legal Commission, came to the attention of the President. The DGT was represented by Francisco de la Alas-Pumariño, Director of the Organisation.

This meeting is part of the series of discussions held, both with DGT and the Ministry of Industry, with a view to improving the regulatory text on collectors vehicles, RD 1247/95, as well as other issues related to the protection of the automocion Heritage, all well known to amateurs.

The objective of FEVA is to simplify and reduce the historical registration process so that no vehicle is left outside it depending on its value and, without losing the rigour to originality and conservation, the administrations can legislate without exception to our vehicles from the regulations 

The DGT will lead the requested legislative reforms, coordinated with FVA, and, within a reasonable time, many of the problems that the hobby for collectors vehicles must face and will involve approval of our legislation to that of the main neighbouring countries of the European Union will be put to an end

FEVA considers that this recognition of the hobby for collectors vehicles by DGT and the inexcusable role that the Federation should play in the talks is a final backward to years of work, and the start of a road that will make it possible to improve the conditions for all amateurs.